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    Jinzhou Dong Ya Building Materials Co.,Ltd.,(Shijiazhuang DianYu Import and Export Co.,Limited) a professional company engages in the manufacture of building materials, is located in JinZhou Development Zone, Hebei province, China where is the largest manufacture base of building materials in China..        The company was established in 1996,covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters,now has more than 300 employees and gross investment is more than 12,000,000USD. Up to now,she has ten building materials production lines.        Our company will consistently improve the corporate management level and technical skills in an all-round way by taking advantage of reform, providing customers with best quality and best service.   【更多】
    Ceiling T Grids
    Ceiling T Grids

    The ceiling grid is made of high quality hot-dipped galvanized steel and prepainted galvanized steel,which guarantee the characters of moisture proof,corrosion resistanct and color lasting.The automatic cold roll forming and punching machineries guarantee the high precision.


    1) More elegant in style and beauty, easy match to decoration
    2) Good strength, high quality
    3) Cauterization-resistance, water-resistance
    4) Rustproof, fire resistance, stainless, rust resistance & convenient application.
    5) High Quality Material, Moisture proof, anti-corrosive, non-deforming, fadeless.
    6) High precision, high symmetry, high close fitting.
    7) Strong bearing capacity
    8) Safe, firm and easy to match with all kinds of mineral fiber board, aluminum ceiling and gypsum board.

    Technical Date

    Inspection item


    National Standard

    Test Result



    no damage


    Hole Distance Difference




    Difference of baking paint thickness




    Width  Difference




    Length Difference




    Underside straight Limitation




    Galvanized thickness




    Load bending Limitation






    With a strong focus on environmental and sustainability standards, DYBM, one of the leading ceiling brands in the world, is known for its continuous development of technology and manufacturing processes. Over the years, this approach has ensured excellent performance properties, ranging from acoustics to insulation, fire resistance and exceptional environmental properties.
    1.    Insulation

    The thermal insulation of DYBM Mineral ceiling tiles is more than six times that of gypsum board, which contributes to maintaining room comfort and results in savings in terms of cooling and heating costs. The K-value of DYBM is 0.045 and the thickness is 15mm, therefore the R-value is 0.333. This R-value of 0.333 can be added to the thermal insulation R-value requirement for the area.

    2.    Acoustics (NRC)

    Thanks to the tiles’ high noise reduction coefficient (NRC), 55% to 60% of sound is absorbed within the room and the reverberation time of soundwaves are reduced, making a pleasant office environment.

    3.    Acoustics (CAC)

    In addition to the good absorption DYBM has a high ceiling attenuation coefficient (CAC) of 36 decibels which equates to less sound transfer from room to room. Together these acoustic qualities make it easy to create comfortable interior spaces.

    4.    Fire resistance

    The DYBM Mineral fiber ceiling tiles are also non-combustible and do not emit toxic gas or smoke, melt, break or become deformed under normal fire conditions, thereby protecting ceiling areas from fire.

    5.    Humidity
    It further boasts a high RH99 relative humidity resistance rating for projects that require the highest demands and a fast-track building programme.

    6.    10 year guarantee
    It is for this reason that the DYBM Corporation guarantees its ceiling tiles for ten years against visible sagging in temperatures up to 50°C and conditions where relative humidity reaches as much as 99%.This means that DYBM can also be used in areas without air-conditioning.

    7.    Competitive pricing
    “At present, DYBM Mineral Ceiling Tiles is the only acoustic mineral fibre ceiling tile in the competitive price band that can boast these exceptionally high humidity resistance qualities,” Gould points out.

    8.    Aesthetics: homogenous look
    DYBM Mineral ceiling tiles come in four unique face patterns: New NDF (non-directional fissure), Constellation and Venus Perforated, which are suited to a wide variety of commercial applications.

    9.    Green product
    DYBM Mineral ceiling tiles is sustainable and environmentally-friendly since DYBM uses 76% recycled material in its manufacturing process and holds the Good Environmental Choice Australia ecolabel.

    “These facts provide owners and developers who are environmentally conscious with a building component that conforms to the highest modern standards. One has to take one’s hat off to the Japanese for their incredible technical expertise,” states Gould.

    10.    Easy to use
    “Although specified for its excellent noise reduction, thermal insulation properties and outstanding fire resistance, it is the ease of handling and durability of the Daiken range of mineral-fibre ceiling tiles that makes it one of the ceiling contractors’ favourite commodity panels,” Gould concludes.


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